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I am 49-year-old part time industrial automation engineer living in Belgium that has a second job as a photographer.

I started photographing at the age of 13 and have enjoyed taking photographs all of my life. At a young age, I started working as a lighting designer and operator for a semi-professional modern dance company "Terpsichore". This evolved into a 20-year long collaboration with different dance companies, dancers and gymnasts. Primarily in the context of lighting the performances and sometimes as a photographer of rehearsals and taking pictures for the programs.

When the companies stopped performing, I finally found the time to work with some of the dancers as models for my photographs. This was what I always wanted to do but never found the time for being a lighting designer. However now I could use the experience that I have in lighting dance for making the black and white art pictures that I always dreamt of. This evolved over the last 15 years into black and white nudes with a theater atmosphere using light as I used to do during the many dance performances that I lit.

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For a few years now I'm working an a series of black and white nude photographs using water.   By using the top of the range Broncolor power packs, I can freeze the water by using the ultra short flash duration of 1/8000 of a second (t 0.1) of the Broncolor Scoro packs.   This transforms the water into an ice like material.   Thanks to the firm Hotz for always providing me with all the Broncolor equipment I need.


As with the water project, I experimented a lot with magnesium powder.   Here I worked with short as well as longer flash durations to freeze or move the powder during flight.   The magnesium powder really catches and reflects the light beautifully.


Being involved with dance from a young age as a lighting designer and operator, dance is one of my most loved subjects.  Experimenting with many different models and attributes is very exciting and results in a wide variety of dance pictures.   This is a subject that never will ge boring to photograph.

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  Models wanted

It is always very exciting to work with different new models to expand my portfolio.   I work a lot with dancers and gymnast, but also with models that have no experience modelling at all.   If you are interested in working with me for a shoot, fill out the form on the left or even better send me an e-mail with your photo at info@kodec.be

I will reply to all serious proposals.

Kind regards, Koen


Dance calendar shoot

22 January 2014

I organised a calendar shoot with 6 dancers. The goal was to make some beautiful moving dance pictures. to put on my 2014 calendar. The dancers where magnificent, so much energy and ideas, a joy to work with Bo, Lize, Hannah, Jolien, Rani and Annabelle. Thanks girls.

Testshoot Lupolux

26 May 2013

Organised a testshoot today with 2 very nice dancers to try out my new Lupolux Led Fresnel 1000. Combining the continuous light of the Lupolux with the Boncolor flash resulted in some very interesting pictures.

Perfect Beauty

08 May 2013

Debbie Declercq (no relation :-)) has updated her website PerfectBeauty.be.   She is my favorite make-up artist and has done the hair and make-up for most of my beauty pictures.   Have a look at her website filled with the most exquisite photos. I love her work!

Foto Rembrandt has moved

02 May 2013

Foto Rembrandt moved to their new location at the Bredabaan 747 in Merksem.   I work together with them for several things, one of them being their teacher for the personal coaching of their customers.   I wish them all the best at the new store.   You can find their website at www.fotorembrandt.be

Workshop Dance Concept Store

28 April 2013

I photographed the second workshop for the Dance Concept Store Papillon.   Three different workshops were given by Min Hee Bervoets and Michel Forget.   The workshops took place in the rehearsel rooms of the Royal Ballet of Flanders at their location on 't Eilandje.   The photos can be seen at the following location papillon.kodec.be

DanceBook shows DancEnegy

14 April 2013

This weekend I had the enormous pleasure to photograph the DanceBook shows of my niece's DancEnergy dance school.   The final rehearsal and three shows in two days resulted in a few thousand pictures.   The best photos can be seen at the following location dancenergy.kodec.be Congratulations to all the dancers and backstage helpers for the beautiful dance performances.